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Applied graphic & visual solution

Apllied graphic & visual solution is another cluster of the SISB products and services. The term “seeing is believing” is nothing new to us and Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D sterescopic technologies has been with us for a quite a while since its inception and has created numerous advancement to make it a “real”. VR technology make the difficult thing easy to visualize like outer space, chemical atom, human body anatomy and many more. AR technology adding a real world view with alot of information and graphic for example like AR education, AR poster, AR brochure and many more. 3D stereoscopic is new in our market but we take an intiative to be a frontier to bring this technology up to 5D theater in order to make the audience feel like the real world. We also offering services like 3D sterescopic camera rental and also 3D stereoscopic post processing. Below is the product of applied graphic & visual solution.


Products of VR technology like

  • Interactive Multi-touch Tabletop VR
  • Virtual 3D ‘Space’ Tunnel
  • 180-degrees Intelligent Interactive Wall
  • 360 degree Holographic Exhibition
  • Virtual Reality Immersive Ride (VRIDE)
  • Virtual Reality Cube
  • Facade building projection


Products of AR technology like

  • AR poster
  • AR brochure
  • AR township display
  • AR exhibition
  • AR education


3D sterescopic technology

  • 3D/4D/5D theater
  • Interactive 3D theater
  • 3D sterescopic wall display


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