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Augmented reality

There is two type of Augmented realtiy (AR), one is AR base on GPS location and one is AR base on marker/images. For AR GPS coordinate type, AR engine will translate and process the GPS coordinate data from smartphone and replace it with the information, sound, video and graphic. For example, if people need to know which retail shop give much better offer, people just need to open the smartphone and open the AR application, it will display all info about the retail shop like promotion, free gift, discount and many more and people can decide which retail shop can give them better offer. In the real view people see nothing, but in the AR view people see alot of information.


coutersy InstantReality

AR marker/images type is the most popular AR type, because from marker or any image, AR engine will translate or superimpose it with the 3D graphic, video, animation, information and sound. For example like house developer, when they want to sell their houses and they join the house developer exhibition, they will print out alot of brochure in order to promote to the customer about their house but with AR marker type, that house image (in 2D) in brochure can represent as a marker and by using the smartphone and AR application it will translate or replace it with 3D model house (can view exterior and interior of house) also they can add information, video / animation and many more about the house.


coutersy InstantReality

AR also can be very useful for industry like automotive, tourism, education, manufacturing, asset management and many more because many researcher doing alot of research in order to enhance the capability of AR. Next few years, AR did not need device like smartphone or tablet in order to get the information, people just need to wear the goggles or glasses and they can see all the information they need.

Products of AR technology like

  • AR poster
  • AR brochure
  • AR township display
  • AR exhibition
  • AR education