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Imaging offering the design processes and commercialization of products to the customers. At the same time offering a tailor-made services derived from the processing of raw EO imagery data captured by the partners or other commercially available satellite images.  As opposed to the imagery segment, where the products are mainly determined by the satellite and its imagery systems, this VAP have multi skill products development and fits perfectly the requirement to suit various customer needs.

Imaging is experienced in the image processing field, satellite & data consultancy, space engineering related  to agriculture, forestry, environment, construction, etc. The commercial ready know-how in the development of algorithm and software is our advantageous in delivery the best services to the customers.

Among the applications in all kind of field:

–Agriculture: precision agriculture, drought assessment, crops conditions reports, etc.

–Forestry: forest inventories, fire danger mapping, burned area mapping,etc.

–Civil protection and emergencies: natural disasters monitoring, flood monitoring,etc

–Environment: land use and land cover maps, water quality assessment, etc.

–Urban planning: urban cartography, monitoring of urban changes, population estimation mapping, 3D urban models, etc