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Agriculture in today’s world refers to the science, art and business of cultivating the land, producing crops, and raising livestock for human consumption on a large scale. Advancement in technology, especially in remote sensing, provides a fast and easy way to monitor, measure, and assess agricultural plots. Remotely-sensed imagery is widely used in the agriculture sector for production analyses and precision farming. Satellite imageries offer by Imaging with multispectral bands are excellent for vegetation analyses such as growth rate analysis, yield prediction, crop stress monitoring, soil analysis, pest control, etc. Its short revisit time is also beneficial for frequent monitoring of agricultural plots. Not only that, it’s high spatial resolution enables crown mapping of trees, which is vital in oil palm plantation.


Paddy NIR image taken by our UAV (location: Tanjung Karang)


Paddy RGB image taken by our UAV (location: Tanjung Karang)