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High resolution


Example of high resolution



Level 1A

  • Radiometrically corrected

Level 1B

  • "Systematically corrected" using in-orbit data, Level 1B corrects the image (in addition to the radiometric correctionin level 1A) for a number of geometric distortions caused by panoramic effects (off-nadir pointing), Earth rotation during imaging , Earth curvature and variations in satellite's orbital altitude relative to the reference ellipsoid

Level 2

  • "Geometrically corrected" using Ground Control Points (GCP) to convert images to a standard map coordinate system.


Comparision of KompSAT 2 (left) and KompSAT 3 (Right) images


Scale comparision between KompSAT 2 (Left) and KompSAT 3 (Right)