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Image Acquisition Services

The flight planning activities will account for pre-flight preparation, identifying and site preparation for take-off and landing of UAV. Once ready, the mission planner will setup in the autopilot software the flight plan by placing GPS waypoints either on a map or by manually entering the coordinates. Each waypoint is determined by its position, radius, altitude relative to the take-off location and circling direction.Imaging provides two types of services regarding the UAV mapping. There are Image Acquisition Services and Post Flight Processing Services respectively. The Image Acquisition Services is mainly involved several activities once received the customer request for UAV data acquisition. Upon customer submission of Area of Interest (AOI), the mission planner will prepare a flight planning.

Workflow for UAV Mapping Services


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Sample of post flight processing images

Location: Glenmarie (ATSB)

Location: Bukit Jelutong

Location: Cyberjaya (Near Infrared)

Location: Cyberjaya

Location: Tanjung Karang

Location: Tanjung Karang (NIR)